Russell Photography
Lake Orion, Michigan Best Wedding, Senior, and Family Photographer

Best Wedding Photographer in Lake Orion, Michigan - Oxford Michigan - Raves and Praise

Best Wedding Photographer in Lake Orion, Michigan - Oxford Michigan - Raves and Praise

Raves and Praise

After our first dance, my uncle walked up to me and said our photographers, Wally and Michelle were the hardest working photographers he’d ever seen at a wedding. They were so good with my daughter, Nicole.

We loved our pictures. My album is a work of art. Thanks guys.
— Ami and James DeClaire
The best decision I made for my wedding was hiring Russell Photography. All day long they were helpful, personable and professional. Wally and Michelle made our day. My photographs are so many beautiful memories and my album is truly a creative work of art. My sister will definitely be booking you. I can’t thank you enough.
— Angela and Dennis Atwell
Wally and Michelle were so great to work with and truly make your special day stress free. You will not have to worry about them getting all of the right shots because they will get that and more. You will only notice them on your special day when you need to. Otherwise you won’t even know that you’re being photographed. My husband is so excited to show off all of our pictures.
They are the best!
— Cambria Winterrowd
The photography and professionalism we found with Russell Photography went way beyond anything we expected. Our experience was positive every step of the way. I knew I would be nervous and worried on my wedding day. When we interviewed and Wally told me “Our responsibility goes beyond photography. Of course you’ll have great pictures. This is your wedding day and we will do everything we can to help you have fun on your day”, I knew I had my photographer. If he hadn’t calmed my mother down with the flower fiasco at the church I don’t know what would have happened.

Russell Photography was the right choice for me.
— Andrea DePaulis
Recently I had the pleasure of sharing my daughters wedding with Wally & Michelle, Russell Photography. From the first meeting they were friendly, accommodating, and professional. Their dual keen eye for detail produced beautiful pictures that we will treasure forever. As the mother of the bride you need to surround yourself with people you can count on and are motivated to make sure your day runs smoothly. Wally and Michelle blended into our day not only as photographers but took on any role that needed to be done at any moment. I highly recommend Russell Photographers and look forward to them joining us again at my next daughter’s wedding.
— Deborah Brittain
Wally and Michelle are both outstanding photographers. Their attention to detail is amazing; they did not miss any opportunity to take a great picture. Their photos are very artistic and creative; and really captured our emotions and important moments of our wedding. They are extremely professional and so very comfortable to be around. Our final pictures and albums turned out better than I would have ever expected. I would recommend Wally and Michelle in a heartbeat. They will most definitely be the photographers at any future events we have. Thank you so much for the great memories, Wally and Michelle.
— Christina and Wesley Stocker
What do we think of Russell Photography? We flew Wally and Michelle out to Malibu, California for our destination wedding. They are professionals in every sense of the word. All of our expectations were met. Our photographs are beautiful. Our wedding album is the envy of all of our friends.
They were the best!
Russell Photography helped make our wedding perfect!
— Tracie and Thom
You cannot know how fast the happiest day of your life can pass, until you experience those whirlwind hours that flash in a blink of an eye. The food may be the best ever tasted, the room may look like you walked in to a rose garden, music that you could dance to all night - but without Wally and Michelle, these special details become muted memories. There is a difference between a photograph to show you that you were simply there and a photograph that takes you back, that allows you to relive those moments. Wally and Michelle’s photographs are alive, they bring you back to the moment they were taken and put together, they re-tell your story. A gifted story teller, that they are! At the end of the day, the best gift anyone can give is the opportunity to go back and do it again. We never thought that this was possible until we met Wally and Michelle. Every time I go back and look at my photos, which is very often, it’s unbelievable on how much I relive what I was feeling in every single picture. I cannot thank them enough for their magic and perfection.
— Kory & Andy Showers
This was really funny. So we’re interviewing Wally and his staff to see if we want them for our wedding, right. Wally’s showing us all of these beautiful pictures and I was talking about how they back up all of their flash cards and right in the middle of it my mom says: “If Colleen doesn’t hire you I won’t pay for the wedding”. I looked at mom, I looked at Wally and he put his hand on mine and told my mom that I had to have the photographer I wanted and if I didn’t like them I should get the photographer I was comfortable with. And he says to my mom that if she remarries he’ll make sure they do her wedding. Of course I hired them. But not because my mother made me.
— Colleen McFarland